International Driving
  • International Driving Document is designed to be simple to use and easy to understand for both the English and Non-English speaker.
  • The International Driving Document presents all information required by the United Nation laws and will clearly explain your right to drive to any government official.
  • As an added security feature, the International Automobile Drivers Center will include with your International Driving Document an International Drivers Document.
  • This document is a high quality professional identification card that together with your International Driving Document and National Drivers License will ensure your right to drive.
  • Your International Driving Document (I.D.D) MUST be accompanied by your original driver's license to be valid

International Drivers Document includes a security feature hat will prevent any forgery. A special Security Shield Hologram covers each card and adds both security and legitimacy. This security shield hologram both protects and prolongs the life of each card in addition to eliminating any possibility of counterfeiting.

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Want to drive in a foreign country and do not have a license issued by that country?

According to the United Nations, a valid drivers license from your home country along with our International Drivers Document allows you to drive in any of the 160 plus countries that are part of the UN.

Our product offers legitimacy and protection.Because not every country speak your native language, our International Drivers Document explains the United Nations law in many different languages and will protect your right to drive in foreign countries.

The United Nations laws pertaining to International Driving Documents were ratified by member states in 1923, 1943, 1949, and 1968. These United Nation laws (click to view laws) are enforced by the following countries (click to see countries).

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  • Rent a car, wherever you are.
  • Register title, insurance or general documents of a motor vehicle. *
  • Useful for identification purposes. *
  • Fast application processing of only 24hrs with fast delivery options.
  • No test required, you only need your valid domestic driver's license.

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