Terms & Conditions
International Automobile Driver’s Company
5426 N. 5-th St. Philadelphia, PA 19120

Applicant understands that the International Driver’s License for which he/she is applying is a translation of his/her valid driver’s license, issued by his/her country of origin/citizenship, into eight languages.

This International Driver’s License may only be issued to an applicant at least eighteen (18) years of age who has in his/her possession a valid driver’s license which was issues to that person by his/her home state or country. Such a person may drive a motor vehicle in the United States of America of the same type or class of vehicle he/she may operate in their home state or country.

Applicant understands that this International Driver’s License is in no way intended to replace a suspended or revoked driver’s license from the United States if America or any other country, and applicant is not applying for this International Driver’s License to use as such. Further applicant understands that this International Driver’s License will become null and void if any state of the United States of America issues a license to Applicant. This International Driver’s License also becomes null and void if Applicant’s license issued by his/her home state or country expires.

Applicant understands that he/she is personally responsible for payment of any fines incurred as a result of violations of the Motor Vehicle Code (i.e. traffic violations). IADC is NOT responsible. Applicant is also responsible for any property damage caused by his/her vehicle.

There will be NO REFUNDS.


Applicant pledges to follow all city, state, federal & International traffic regulations required by law. Applicant acknowledges that he/she may not drive anywhere without a valid driver’s license. Applicant will obey all of the rules and regulations of the UN Conference on Road Traffic in 1923, 1943, 1949 and 1968. Applicant acknowledges that this document is a driver license translation and is valid only with a driver license. Applicant hereby certifies that his/her driver license is currently valid and is not suspended or revoked.